Greek cuisine is all about simplicity, Mediterranean locality and generosity of heart.  This is also

For those of you who love good life, good food, good trips and of course

In honor of Mother’s Day, our mother invited my sisters and myself to a Greek

Chef and entrepreneur Guy Perez owns Food Trucks Company, which are mobile concept restaurants on

Instagram @ greekit

  • מרכז הסדנאות באגינה של אמה ומארקוס.  1-4 במאי סדנת תקשורת מקרבת.
  • ריטריט יוגה בלפקדה בתאריכים 11-15 במאי
  • Onira Suite Dream
  • Terrace in Lesbos Island
  • O my Greece!!
  • Hello Athens
  • Sailing vacation in Ionian sea, Greece



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