By Avi Azulay To tell you the truth? There aren’t enough words in the English

Athens before Christmas, the streets are starting to get decorated festively with glittering elements on

Girls – this is exclusively for you. A small, quality group of women travelling with

What could be more appropriate than meditation, yoga and Pilates in an amazing Greek location?

Israeli travelers discovered the Pelion Peninsula only in recent years, until then mainly Austrians and

A few years ago, we took a week-long trip to the Pilion Peninsula, one of

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  • מרכז הסדנאות באגינה של אמה ומארקוס.  1-4 במאי סדנת תקשורת מקרבת.
  • ריטריט יוגה בלפקדה בתאריכים 11-15 במאי
  • Onira Suite Dream
  • Terrace in Lesbos Island
  • O my Greece!!
  • Hello Athens
  • Sailing vacation in Ionian sea, Greece



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