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24/11/18 the island of Lefkada, I told you before, and last summer I came back from there with recommendations on villages, beaches, hiking, and the highlight was a full day cruise with a stop on the island’s coves, leaving a salty taste of the sea for more and more. There’s a reason why many yacht owners and vacationers choose to get to Lefkada. The area is a “playground” for cruises.



The vacation I’m planning for my family next time in the area is a sailing vacation.

Lefkada is located in the Ionian sea, in a rich and spectacular area, with a clear and quiet sea, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Around it, there are many tiny, unique islands where you can dock, stroll through picturesque fishing villages, swim, dive and discover places which you can only reach by yacht.



A vacation on a yacht is a “discovery journey” of a week and its different from another standard vacay.

Through the cruise, you can get to know non-tourist Greece and sailing allows you to reach the shores of islands with wild nature, caves, and special ravines, and enjoy the time of quality, closeness, and release.



How do you do that?


This is where Tuvia, the owner of Gal and Naama Yacht Rental, enters the scene.

He is a professional skipper and veteran marine man who is certified as a tour guide who organizes the cruise In a perfect route for weather and safety.



Their cruise route includes the islands: Lefkada, Kaplonia, Ithaca, and Magnesi, and they have extensive experience of sailing in this area and know all the unique and authentic places.



Their yacht serves as a hotel and is suitable for people who want an active hike in which all the sailors serve as a team. everyone does almost everything.

The training, usually, is giving in Israel (a week earlier on the yacht anchored at the Herzliya Marina).



Gal and Naama Yacht Rentals take care of all the little details and are connected as agents to the yachting companies in the world.

They prepare the sailing route including a marine literature review about the area, plan the various navigation routes, the docking stations, and the stops and attractions on the way. All of it during the holiday in Greece.

This is a great experience for anyone who likes to travel in nature, loves the sea, wind, waves, fish, and good food.

So hurry up and book a place for a week this summer. All prices and details below.


Gal and Naama Yacht Rental tel. +972-504600470


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