Island of Figs, Nuts and Sunsets


This is how a tradition is born – Pilates and cooking in Greece, by bossi Mardor from “Bossi’s Kitchen” and Elia Avivi-Nimkovskyi from PILATES POINT.



The idea was born on the weekly training sessions at the Pilates studio, and a group of 19 women came to the island of Evia for three days of a small “escape” to Greece with cooking, pilates, ouzo and laughter.



The experience was no less than exciting, Bossi says,”We started this emotional journey almost foreign, and we returned one loving family !!”



The culinary tour, which combines both cooking and fitness, received the slogan “Eat Point Evia” and the activity included workshops by local cooks who taught the women how to prepare authentic greek dishes such as muska, galacto-buriko (filo pastry stuffed with milk pudding), nut cake  from Many trees on the island), traditional stuffed dishes and more.



A visit to a chef’s restaurant, which apart from the excellent meal, the chef discovered his “secret” recipes and gave eye-to-eye explanations, including eggplant and cheese and especially excellent zucchini pancakes.

We had a lovely family hotel on the north side of the island, which they reached through the connecting bridge from Athens and returned by ferry.



The mornings began with Pilates and a lot of energy in the morning and continued with the preparation of a joint breakfast. Afterwards, they went on a magical tour of the forest with a Mushroom expert who taught them to identify the 17 different types of mushrooms. Such as filo stuffed with mushrooms, mushroom mushrooms on the grill, mushroom souffle and more) and a rare Caesar mushroom freshly eaten with a little olive oil and salt.



In between – hot springs that flow into the sea, a taverna with musicians and dancing on the table, Pilates on the beach, amazing sunsets and women who do what they love.



The great success of “Eat Point Evia” brings more culinary tours and you can reserve booking for the beginning of April here.


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