The Greek island of Lesbos is located to the east of the Aegean Sea, overlooking Turkey’s west coast. The olive groves, evergreen pine trees and a rich variety of perennial flora makes this island stand out in comparison to other touristic islands in the area. It also has a unique authentic charm, mostly thanks to

By Avi Azulay To tell you the truth? There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary, and I assume the same holds for any other human language, that can adequately describe the way a city like Thessaloniki works its magic on all the senses, how it awakens and stimulates the mind, body and heart. Already

Athens before Christmas, the streets are starting to get decorated festively with glittering elements on the cafes, trees, and squares. In the 48 hours we had in the city, we stayed in the lively and young neighborhood of Psyri, a 2-minute walk from Monastiraki Square, where I finally found my little hotel in town, the

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Photograph: Ben Kelmer. Wedding production: Wedaway
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